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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubstandardsub‧stan‧dard /ˌsʌbˈstændəd◂ $ -ərd◂/ adjective  GOOD ENOUGHnot as good as the average, and not acceptablenon-standard, standard substandard housing
Examples from the Corpus
substandardThe inspectors said that when pupils did reach the expectations of their teachers, they were often still substandard.There were two options if these tests showed that the concrete was substandard.He also targeted the childcare industry, promising to step up inspection of the 40 percent of local facilities he called substandard.substandard accommodationMany of the tenants lived in substandard adobe apartments, some with backyard outhouses.He says they're substandard and unfit to be lived in.Literally hundreds of thousands of children are taught in substandard buildings.Most household goods sold here are substandard, but food is plentiful and cheap.He estimated that half had been receiving substandard care.More money should be spent on the improvement of substandard housing.substandard medical careThe number of homes sold to median-to-high income earners rose while neighbourhood representatives expressed concern over the concentration of substandard property.
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