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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubstantiallysub‧stan‧tial‧ly /səbˈstænʃəli/ ●○○ adverb  1 LOT/VERY MUCHvery much or a lot syn considerably substantially higher prices The deer population has increased substantially in recent years.2 IN FACTused to say that in many ways something is true, the same, different etc syn essentially There are one or two minor differences, but they’re substantially the same text.
Examples from the Corpus
substantiallyThe first chapter had been changed substantially.Only in the last respect has Anderson shifted his ground substantially.Evidently, text recognition is a substantially different problem to text understanding.To depart substantially from them invites question unless it can be demonstrated that such departure conforms to accepted practice by rational analysis.Their pensions were substantially lower than the ones enjoyed by widows of servicemen killed in subsequent wars.Attendance at the conference was substantially lower this year.Although identical, City Hall cost substantially more.Soviet Kurds numbered 152,952 according to the 1989 census, although this figure was believed to be substantially underestimated.
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