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subterraneansub‧ter‧ra‧ne‧an /ˌsʌbtəˈreɪniən◂/ adjective [usually before noun]  HEUNDER/BELOWbeneath the surface of the Earth syn underground subterranean passage
Examples from the Corpus
subterraneanShe is associated with a bridge, a subterranean aqueduct and a magic distaff, one of the symbols of Athene.Electronic sensors have located a huge subterranean cavern in the Sierre Madre mountain range.To the Incas hell was a subterranean, cold place where you lived on stones: heaven was with the sun.a subterranean explosionSince then, they have represented the darker, subterranean forces of nature.Every deep-earth geophysicist has his or her own version of this subterranean landscape.Now she did a very curious thing: she explored all the subterranean passages connecting the Columbia buildings.subterranean passagesThe footing corals start to anchor down on the loose rocks, and the subterranean sponges burrow underneath.A subterranean stream is believed to flow underneath the town.She snarled as she leapt from her subterranean tunnel out into the sunlight, on to the bloodstained sand.In fact, most of the central section has all but disappeared, the river now wending its subterranean way beneath the town.
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