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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubtlesub‧tle /ˈsʌtl/ ●●○ adjective (comparative subtler or more subtle, superlative subtlest)  1 OBVIOUS#not easy to notice or understand unless you pay careful attention opp obvious The pictures are similar, but there are subtle differences between them. The warning signs of the disease are so subtle that they are often ignored. a subtle form of racismsubtle taste/flavour/smell etc The flavour of the dried berries is more subtle. The dish had a subtle hint of ginger.2 HIDE/NOT SHOWbehaving in a skilful and clever way, especially using indirect methods or language to hide what you are trying to do I think we need a more subtle approach. a subtle plansubtle about She wasn’t very subtle about it. She just said she didn’t love him anymore.3 INTELLIGENTvery clever in noticing and understanding thingssensitive a subtle mindsubtly adverb a subtly different colour
Examples from the Corpus
subtleWe noticed some deterioration in her speech, but it was very subtle.But they were active, and clamorous, and in subtle and not so subtle ways they corrupted the intellectual atmosphere.It was around this time that I started to notice subtle changes in Clive's character.The patterns look very similar, but there are subtle differences between them.Some of the more subtle forms of malnutrition are difficult to identify.Look for their Hair Glistener - it leaves hair smelling irresistible and creates subtle, glittering highlights in your hair.a subtle hint of almondVery soon the research opened my mind to more subtle ideas.She wasn't ever subtle in giving her opinion.Instead it has a subtle onion flavor that makes it much more complex and interesting.More subtle pressures relating to meetings are already assumed to be inevitable.It is often amazing how the most insignificant contributor to a project can foresee the subtlest problem and devise a solution.Even the first version of Bacon is subtler than this summary suggests.Linda was able to influence her superiors in subtle ways.However subtle we are forced to make our idea of science, nature remains an independent realm awaiting discovery.subtle formNow the tobacco industry is going for the slightly more subtle form of advertising which is sponsorship.More subtle forms of cultural influence also abound.There are many more subtler forms of exerting pressure and discrimination.Though her technique clearly derives from the modernists, it is adapted into a unique, subtle form of her own.But how did such a subtle form of protection evolve?Maybe it was a subtle form of retaliation.One more subtle form of sexism contributes to lower salaries for women, Sullivan said.In a somewhat more subtle form, these tendencies continue into later childhood.
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