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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsucceedingsuc‧ceed‧ing /səkˈsiːdɪŋ/ adjective [only before noun]  AFTERcoming after something else opp preceding Over the succeeding weeks things went from bad to worse. succeeding generations
Examples from the Corpus
succeedingCertainly no other nineteenth-century artist was so widely studied and so differently interpreted by the painters of the succeeding age.It will also be considered in some detail in parts of succeeding chapters on alphabetical indexing languages and alphabetical indexing systems.Such an analysis is an important prerequisite to much of the discussion that follows in succeeding chapters.Each succeeding generation has made a guy in the semblance of somebody they didn't care for.The effects of exposure to atomic radiation at Hiroshima have been passed on to succeeding generations.Nor did his philosophy contribute significantly to the development of the scientific enterprise in succeeding generations.She became more well-known with each succeeding novel.During the succeeding weeks he had not written - except to send her an enigmatic note warning her to keep away.The government started to borrow money in 1961, and the national debt has steadily increased with each succeeding year.Of course it only gradually came to mean all this to me through the succeeding years, through my memory of it.
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