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success story

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuccess storysuccess storysomeone or something that is successful The company has been a major success story. success
Examples from the Corpus
success storyTonight, we're going to hear about another business success story from the North East.For each service, add a few success stories from recent clients.Richardson is one of the few success stories from the housing projects.Her success story resulted in a three page feature in Slimming Magazine last February.Her business has become so famous that she felt its success story merited a corner display in her new museum.Despite the challenges, the nonprofit center and its staff have logged numerous success stories, said Glasser.Any list of success stories is bound to omit some favourite voice.One of lung cancer's success stories, he runs a support group for lung cancer patients and their families.Similar success stories can be found in other countries - for example, the aerospace exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.Sikes shows us the success stories.Well, the success story might never have happened if the entrepreneur had taken the advice of his bank.
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