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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuchsuch /sʌtʃ/ ●●● S1 W1 determiner, predeterminer, pronoun  1 TYPEof the same kind as the thing or person which has already been mentioned Such behavior is just not acceptable in this school. The rules make it quite clear what should be done in such a situation. A victory for Brazil had been predicted, and such indeed was the result. She needs to see a psychiatrist or some such person. ‘You said you’d be finished by today.’ ‘I said no such thing!’such as this/these There is now a greater awareness of problems such as these.treated/recognized/accepted etc as such Birth is a natural process, and should be treated as such.2 such as3 VERYused to emphasize your description of something or someone They’re such nice people. It’s such a long way from here. I felt such an idiot.4 SO/CONSEQUENTLY a) used to mention the result of a quality that something or someone has It’s such a tiny kitchen that I don’t have to do much to keep it clean. He came to such a sudden stop that we almost hit him. b) formal used to say that something is so great, so bad etc that something else happensbe such that/as to do something The force of the explosion was such that windows were blown out. His manner was such as to offend nearly everyone he met.in such a way/manner that/as to do something He lectured in such a way that many in the audience found him impossible to understand.to such an extent/degree that Her condition deteriorated to such an extent that a blood transfusion was considered necessary.5 GOOD ENOUGHused to show that you think that something is not good enough or that there is not enough of itsuch as it is/such as they are etc We will look at the evidence, such as it is, for each of these theories.such ... as formal Such food as they gave us was scarcely fit to eat.6 formalVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS used to refer only to people or things of a particular group or kindsuch ... as/who/that Such individuals who take up this role often find life frustrating.such of somebody/something as Such of you as wish to leave may do so now.
7 there’s no such person/thing etc as somebody/something8 not (...) as such9 and suchGRAMMAR: Word orderYou use such a before an adjective and a noun, or before a singular noun: I’m lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.He gave me such a fright. Don’t say: a such wonderful teacher | a such fright
Examples from the Corpus
suchFew such experts know much about Russia's economy.Such extreme conditions required thickly insulated clothing.or some suchI had been talking about him to some one the day before, so perhaps it was prior suggestion or some such concept.You tell Cartier to send some one right away down the track looking for a rope or some such, eh?I'd thought there might be a bit of rope or some such in the vestry.Men fall in love through the effects of hormones on brain cells and vice versa, or some such physiological effect.Tell him we're putting all the files in one place, or some such shit.Then she notices a lady-bug or some such small creature and can not help but become fascinated by it.And with this data they then make an estimate of the current computation on allies or some such thing.Apparently he has a great estate beyond the Sierra Nevada - big hacienda or some such thing.be such that/as to do somethingIndeed, no country is truly independent if its economy is such as to consign it at once to the Third World.But I doubt that the net outcome will be such as to drag the rest of the world out of its pit.such ... as/who/thatThere are other dates on which systems could malfunction. Such as?For years he has denounced such cuts as a threat to budget-balancing.The community or district nurses provide practical nursing services such as bathing and changing dressings.Ecosystems consist of compartments such as communities, populations, organisms, cells and genes.Developing expertise in a rapidly growing industry, such as health care, also may prove helpful.It proved impossible; her senses were heightened to such a degree that she could hear every move he made.Seldom did weather-boarding reach such architectural heights as this, and seldom did one short platform have such a fine building attached.This broader problem touched on such philosophical conundrums as who we are and what our place is in the universe.
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