Language: Old English
Origin: swilc


determiner, predeterminer, pronoun
such S1 W1
1 of the same kind as the thing or person which has already been mentioned:
Such behavior is just not acceptable in this school.
The rules make it quite clear what should be done in such a situation.
A victory for Brazil had been predicted and such indeed was the result.
She needs to see a psychiatrist or some such person.
'You said you'd be finished by today.' 'I said no such thing!'
such as this/these
There is now a greater awareness of problems such as these.
treated/recognized/accepted etc as such
Birth is a natural process and should be treated as such.

such as

used when giving an example of something:
Cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snoopy are still popular.
large electrical goods such as television sets and washing machines
such as? (=used to ask someone to give an example)
'There are lots of useful things you could do.' 'Such as?'
3 used to emphasize your description of something or someone:
They're such nice people.
It's such a long way from here.
I felt such an idiot.
! such comes before a(n): He's such a nice guy (NOT a such nice guy).
a) used to mention the result of a quality that something or someone has:
It's such a tiny kitchen that I don't have to do much to keep it clean.
He came to such a sudden stop that we almost hit him.
b) formal used to say that something is so great, so bad etc that something else happens
be such that/as to do something
The force of the explosion was such that windows were blown out.
His manner was such as to offend nearly everyone he met.
in such a way/manner that/as to do something
He lectured in such a way that many in the audience found him impossible to understand.
to such an extent/degree that
Her condition deteriorated to such an extent that a blood transfusion was considered necessary.
5 used to show that you think that something is not good enough or that there is not enough of it
such as it is/such as they are etc
We will look at the evidence, such as it is, for each of these theories.
such ... as formal:
Such food as they gave us was scarcely fit to eat.
6 formal used to refer only to people or things of a particular group or kind
such ... as/who/that
Such individuals who take up this role often find life frustrating.
such of something/somebody as
Such of you as wish to leave may do so now.

there's no such person/thing etc as somebody/something

used to say that a particular person or thing does not exist:
There's no such thing as magic.

not (...) as such

a) spoken used to say that the word you are using to describe something is not exactly correct:
There isn't a garden as such, just a little vegetable patch.
b) used to say that something does not include or is not related to all things or people of a particular type:
We have nothing against men as such.

and such

spoken used to say that other people or things like the ones you have just mentioned are included:
It won't be anything special - just a few cakes and sandwiches and such.

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