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sucrosesu‧crose /ˈsuːkrəʊz, ˈsjuː- $ ˈsuːkroʊz/ noun [uncountable]  technicalDF the most common form of sugarfructose, lactose
Examples from the Corpus
sucroseIn the presence of each they received an infusion of a sucrose solution.On hydrolysis, sucrose will yield 1 molecule of glucose and I molecule of fructose.Energy content of 100 grams of sucrose is 400 kilocalories.After ingestion of sucrose, breath hydrogen was measured at 20 minute intervals for 160 minutes.Remove large debris and disperse the cells in the sucrose by gently stirring with the needle.Control subjects experienced the critical cues but not the sucrose.They also tripled the concentration of the sucrose in the solution the eggs are exposed to during freezing.
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