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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsufferingsuf‧fer‧ing /ˈsʌfərɪŋ/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  SUFFERserious physical or mental pain the suffering of the refugees after the war the pain and suffering caused by road accidentssee thesaurus at pain
Examples from the Corpus
sufferingDeveloping your body and your soul, exercise and suffering, were both facets of a supremely masculine fortification of the spirit.But any conscious attempt to disregard this proportionality would inflict unnecessary losses and suffering.It is hard to imagine the pain and suffering they went through.Now the milestone has been passed - and there is still no end in sight to the slaughter and suffering.The earthquake has caused massive damage and a great deal of human suffering.The chief effect is to highlight the horror of the desolate and pre-human world of purposeless suffering.Reporters described the suffering they had seen in the war zone.Like penicillin, cephalosporin has saved the lives or relieved the suffering of countless patients and animals world-wide.Because of this, suffering is less of a threat to happiness, while it spells death to the pleasure-seeking life.We have often a choice: self pity or spiritual power through suffering.pain and sufferingBerg is suing the hospital for $500,000 for pain and suffering.In such cases virtually the whole award would have been for pain and suffering.In some states, claims for pain and suffering were outlawed entirely or severely limited.Perhaps this was because automobiles can not sue for pain and suffering, no matter how severe their injury.You can't find an example of pain and suffering, compared to our Western art where pathos is everywhere.However, any treatment to relieve pain and suffering may well be justified even if this leads to an earlier death.She never admitted that Edwin was an alcoholic, never talked about the pain and suffering his drinking had caused the family.Despite their pain and suffering, they have got out - they have got away.I imagined myself traveling the world, giving succor wherever there was pain and suffering.
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