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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsufficientsuf‧fi‧cient /səˈfɪʃənt/ ●●○ W2 AWL adjective formal  ENOUGHas much as is needed for a particular purpose syn enough opp insufficient We can only prosecute if there is sufficient evidence. Unauthorized absence is sufficient reason for dismissal. We need sufficient time to deal with the problem.sufficient to do something The money is not sufficient to cover everything that needs doing.sufficient for The recipe is sufficient for six people.see thesaurus at enoughsufficiently adverb Students must reach a sufficiently high standard to pass.
Examples from the Corpus
sufficientHowever, with endowments and Isas, there is always the risk that investment returns will not be sufficient.This is not true of all goods, but that it is true of a substantial part is sufficient.It was decided that there was sufficient evidence to convict Marconi.The money should be sufficient for one month's travel.Proof of sufficient funds is required for entrance into Namibia.In fact, sufficient nuclei are always present in the atmosphere.Macleod was attacked by both liberals and conservatives in the Legco for failing to provide sufficient tax concessions to middle income earners.Give yourself sufficient time to get really stuck into your subject-matter.Given sufficient time with other things remaining unchanged, prices and wages would eventually be adjusted and full employment may be restored.sufficient to do somethingHe added that rental income was sufficient to cover interest payments.That would have been sufficient to deprive John Major of a majority and bring down his government.I do not read these passages as stating that an unlawful demand which is enforceable is perse sufficient to found recovery.Or will it be sufficient to include background material as appropriate?It was sufficient to outweigh Mr Field's 165 to 113 second-round victory in the individual members' section.Three orientations by size of the collectivity may be sufficient to overcome this limitation.Weight on the nose or in the cockpit will be sufficient to prevent the glider lifting.Three open sprinklers were found to be sufficient to stop even the most rapidly developing fire.
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