Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of suggerere 'to put under, provide, suggest', from sub- ( SUB-) + gerere 'to carry'


sug‧gest S1 W1 [transitive]
1 to tell someone your ideas about what they should do, where they should go etc [↪ propose]:
They keep suggesting ways to keep my weight down.
She wrote to me and suggested a meeting.
suggest (that)
I suggest you phone before you go round there.
It has been suggested that the manager will resign if any more players are sold.
suggest doing something
Joan suggested asking her father for his opinion.
suggest how/where/what etc
The therapist suggested how Tony could cope with his problems.
can/may I suggest (=used to politely suggest a different idea)
May I suggest that you think carefully before rushing into this?
No possible explanation suggests itself (=is able to be thought of).
2 to make someone think that a particular thing is true [= indicate]:
Trends in spending and investment suggest a gradual economic recovery.
suggest (that)
Opinion polls suggest that only 10% of the population trusts the government.
evidence/results/data/studies etc suggest(s) that
The evidence suggests that single fathers are more likely to work than single mothers.
3 to tell someone about someone or something that is suitable for a particular job or activity [= recommend]
suggest somebody/something for something
John Roberts has been suggested for the post of manager.
4 to state something in an indirect way [= imply]:
Are you suggesting my husband's been drinking?

I'm not suggesting

spoken used to say that what you have said is not exactly what you intended to say:
I'm not suggesting for one moment that these changes will be easy.
6 to remind someone of something or help them to imagine it:
The stage was bare, with only the lighting to suggest a prison.

!! Do not say 'suggest (someone) to do something'. You can use the following structures:suggest that somebody do something He suggested that we go (NOT suggested us to go) for a drink. You can miss out 'that' What do you suggest we do (NOT suggest us to do)?suggest doing something I suggest wearing (NOT suggest to wear) something warm.suggest something She suggested a walk before dinner.

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