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sug‧ges‧tion S1 W2
1 [countable] an idea, plan, or possibility that someone mentions, or the act of mentioning it:
Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.
suggestion that
the suggestion that houses should be built on this site
May I make a suggestion?
Let me know if you have any suggestions.
The committee is open to suggestions (=willing to listen to ideas).
at somebody's suggestion
She took a seat at his suggestion.
2 [singular, uncountable] a sign or possibility of something
suggestion of
There was never any suggestion of criminal involvement.
The government have denied any suggestion of involvement in her death.
suggestion that
There's some suggestion that the intruder was the same person that killed Angie.

a suggestion of something

a slight amount of something:
There was just a suggestion of a smile on her face.
4 [uncountable]MP an indirect way of making you accept an idea, for example by hypnotism:
the power of suggestion

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