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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuggestivesug‧ges‧tive /səˈdʒestɪv $ səɡ-/ adjective  1 THINK ABOUTsimilar to somethingsuggestive of Her symptoms are suggestive of a panic disorder. It was a huge sound, suggestive of whales calling each other.2 SEXYa remark, behaviour etc that is suggestive makes you think of sex He kept giving me suggestive looks.suggestively adverbsuggestiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
suggestiveHis white face was spiteful, threatening and suggestive.And there is always something of the suggestive, because our minds accept all predictable ties on the same footing.The film "Tom Jones' is famous for its sexually suggestive eating scene.This project is intended to be suggestive for future work.And in their own dossiers, I found a few suggestive hints to the effect that Rains and Kruger were hardly spotless.The groups were put in contexts suggestive in one case of euphoria, in the other of anger.His songs are full of suggestive lyrics.They wore helmets suggestive of the heads of flies, and their black silks were embroidered with arcane silver hieroglyphics.Isn't this suggestive, perhaps, of sublimated homosexual attraction?When she worked in the pub, men used to make suggestive remarks to her all the time.Several of the most sexually suggestive scenes have been cut from the film.Victor winked at her, and his smile was so wickedly suggestive that Francesca blushed.suggestive ofThe sounds were suggestive of whales calling to each other.
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