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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuicidalsu‧i‧cid‧al /ˌsuːəˈsaɪdl◂, ˌsjuː- $ ˌsuː-/ adjective  1 KILLwanting to kill yourself She was depressed and almost suicidal. For many years before treatment, Clare had suicidal tendencies (=behaviour that showed she wanted to kill herself).2 DANGEROUSlikely to lead to death It was suicidal trying to put out that fire.3 PROBLEMlikely to lead to a lot of damage or trouble Her economic policies would prove suicidal for our economy.
Examples from the Corpus
suicidalHe felt depressed and suicidal.The thought of having to stay in the house all day made me feel almost suicidal.There was something suicidal about the whole pretentious enterprise, which Dustin should have been talked down from before he leaped.Mike often went on suicidal bike rides down Main Street.It would be suicidal for the senator to oppose this policy.A suicidal gesture is another, often unconsciously made when help is likely to be at hand.Feeling mildly suicidal, I crossed McAllister to Fulton, which was bold for any kid north of the park.On stage, Gayle Wilson stayed strictly in character as the brooding, suicidal Melissa Gardner.They are being kept in cells under close observation because of fears that they may become suicidal or stage a protest.But they had troublesome side effects, and overdose could be fatal, a critical problem in suicidal patients.Upstairs, feeling utterly suicidal, Perdita looked round her tiny bare room.Had the prisoner previously displayed suicidal tendencies?Depressive illness can result in suicidal thoughts and there may or may not be expression of intent.suicidal tendenciesThe rumbling row with the unions over ending the block vote is a classic example of its suicidal tendencies.Through a series of flashbacks, Judith's past is gradually explored, and you begin to take her suicidal tendencies seriously.Its sedative effects were valued, but sometimes progressed to pathological depression with suicidal tendencies, so its use was limited.
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