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suit yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuit yourselfsuit yourselfspokenDON'T CARE used to tell someone they can do whatever they want to, even though it annoys you or you think they are not doing the right thing ‘Mind if I sit here?’ he said gently. ‘Suit yourself.’ suit
Examples from the Corpus
suit yourselfAnd not betraying the past, either, not rewriting our private history to suit herself.Casual or classically smart, there are spots, stripes and bold blocks of vibrant colour so you really can suit yourself!I choose my assignments to suit myself.In a strange kind of way, they suited each other.Of course as the interviewer you basically arrange the interview to suit yourself.Once the pair has been installed in the breeding tank, they will begin to alter the decor to suit themselves.A visitor or resident may move a small table to suit themselves - it could mean a broken hip for another resident.You may suit yourself on that one!
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