Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: siute 'act of following, group of helpers', from Vulgar Latin sequita, from sequere; SUE


1 noun
Related topics: Clothes, Cards, Law
suit1 S2 W3 [countable]


DCC a set of clothes made of the same material, usually including a jacket with trousers or a skirt:
a grey light-weight suit
a business suit
a tweed suit
She was wearing a black trouser suit.
morning suit

bathing/jogging etc suit

DCC a piece of clothing or a set of clothes used for swimming, running etc boiler suit, shell suit, sweat suit, tracksuit, wet suit


SCL a problem or complaint that a person or company brings to a court of law to be settled [= lawsuit]:
Johnson has filed suit against her.

office worker

informal a man, especially a manager, who works in an office and who has to wear a suit when he is at work:
I bought myself a mobile phone and joined the other suits on the train to the City.


DGC one of the four types of cards in a set of playing cards

somebody's strong suit

something that you are good at:
Sympathy is not Jack's strong suit.

➔ in your birthday suit

at birthday (3)

➔ follow suit

at follow (14)

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