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sullensul‧len /ˈsʌlΙ™n/ adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 BAD-TEMPEREDangry and silent, especially because you feel life has been unfair to you β†’ morose πŸ”Š Bill sat in sullen silence and refused to eat his lunch. πŸ”Š a look of sullen resentment2 literaryDNDARK a sullen sky or sea is dark and looks as if bad weather is coming syn overcast β€”sullenly adverb β€”sullenness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sullenβ€’ The girl was sullen and uncooperative.β€’ The little children were crying constantly, and the older ones were sullen and withdrawn.β€’ Starvation gave a gaunt menace to their sullen anger - and they were angry, he could not doubt it.β€’ They were tolerating that redhead well enough in spite of his sullen bad manners.β€’ Dick just sat there with a sullen expression on his face, refusing to speak.β€’ The three boys should have been at school with their ragged clothes, crew cuts and sullen eyes.β€’ a sullen gray skyβ€’ A sullen grey July gave way to sultry August.β€’ It makes you think about those sullen high schoolers in a different light, see their lives along a time line.
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