Language: Old English
Origin: sunne


1 noun
Related topics: Nature, Astronomy, Wind, Water, Sun
sun1 S2 W1

the sun/the Sun

the large bright object in the sky that gives us light and heat, and around which the Earth moves:
The sky was blue and the sun was shining.
The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
The sun's rays reflected off the lake.
2 [uncountable]DN the heat and light that come from the sun:
Too much sun is bad for you.
in the sun
We sat in the sun, eating ice cream.
the warmth of the afternoon sun
3 [countable]HA any star around which planets move

everything/anything etc under the sun

used to emphasize that you are talking about a large range of things:
You can buy jeans in every colour under the sun.

catch the sun

British English, get some sun American English if someone catches or gets the sun, they become slightly red or brown because they have been outside in the sun

➔ make hay while the sun shines

at hay (2)
vehicles used in space: spaceship, spacecraft, rocket, (space) shuttle, probe, satellite, space station

someone who travels in space: astronaut, cosmonaut Russian

parts of a rocket's journey: countdown, launch, blast-off/take-off/lift-off, leaving the earth's atmosphere, going into orbit, re-entering the earth's atmosphere, splashdown/touchdown

places and things in space: planet, moon, star, sun, satellite, solar system, constellation, galaxy, universe, the cosmos, black hole, quasar, comet, meteor, asteroid

the study of space: astronomy

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