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sunblocksun‧block /ˈsʌnblɒk $ -blɑːk/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DCBcream or oil that you rub into your skin, in order to completely stop the sun’s light from burning yousunscreen
Examples from the Corpus
sunblockSome sufferers find a sunblock cream may help.Prevent damage by always using a sunblock.We didn't escape entirely however - Grand Canyon animals are not fussy and they were happy to eat my sunblock cream.Don't expose babies under six months to strong sunlight at all; after that they should wear a strong water-resistant sunblock.Is there a total sunblock which prevents tanning altogether?If you don't want to get any darker, use a total sunblock.I never went out without my insect repellent and waterproof sunblock.They point at their shoulders and hands, shellacked with sunblock.
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