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sunflowersun‧flow‧er /ˈsʌnˌflaʊə $ -ˌflaʊər/ noun [countable]  HBPa very tall plant with a large yellow flower, and seeds that can be eaten
Examples from the Corpus
sunflowerHe says he was keen to try a new crop, and dwarf sunflowers ripen in time to harvest in late summer.I had a beautiful, healthy sunflower.Below her the muttering sunflowers continued their ghostly and invisible movement.He's planted fields full of sunflowers - the oil from the seeds will be made into margarine.We chewed salted sunflower seeds, and slaked our thirst.Q: How can I save sunflower seeds to eat?And that same electric veering-out for me reading the sunflower poem at age 18.In another pan, warm the sunflower oil.
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