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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsunlesssun‧less /ˈsʌnləs/ adjective  DARKhaving no light from the sun syn dark the sunless depths of the ocean
Examples from the Corpus
sunlessA pair of collared doves were moaning in the trees overhead; the day was absolutely still - sunless and oppressive.On sunless Beltanes he had invariably found himself alone there, but never on such a glorious evening as this.It would be absurd to approve of such events taking place on grey, sunless days in dark, depressing places.I could hear some wind which reached down to the cellars of a sunless earth.a sunless prison cellLondon had been grit grey for months, and Jay fought the sunless skies with the blade of keen memory.When he drove home across the bridge, their sullen sunless sky came with him.
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