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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsunnysun‧ny /ˈsʌni/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 LIGHThaving a lot of light from the sun syn bright a warm sunny day a sunny morning a nice sunny room I hope it’s sunny tomorrow. sunny periods/spells/intervals (=periods when it is sunny) Tuesday will be dry with sunny spells.2 informalHAPPY happy and friendly a sunny smileTHESAURUSsunny if the weather is sunny, the sun is shiningWhen we arrived in Hong Kong, it was warm and sunny.a lovely sunny afternoonfine especially British English not raining, and with no clouds or only a few clouds in the skya period of fine weatherNext week will be fine but a little cooler.nice (also lovely especially British English) spoken pleasantly warm and sunnyIt’s a lovely day – why don’t we go for a walk?If it’s nice, we’ll go to the beach.bright if the weather is bright, the sun is shining and there is plenty of lighta bright sunny morningIt was bright earlier on in the day.beautiful/glorious used when the weather is very good and there is a lot of sunshinea glorious autumn dayThe weather has been beautiful all week.clear with no clouds or mistIt was a clear June morning.a clear blue skycloudless especially literary with no cloudsThe sun shone from a cloudless sky.It was a beautiful cloudless morning.dry with no raina period of dry weatherTomorrow will be mostly dry.
Examples from the Corpus
sunnya sunny afternoona lovely sunny afternoonIt's going to be sunny all day.The morning is sunny and bright, glorious, as it should be.Pupils were asked, in separate questions, when it is sunniest and when it is hottest.But the daisies will be happy to have a good place to grow, in such a safe sunny corner.It ain't sunny, it's just sort of grey.a sunny kitchenOnly after the second death on that mild, sunny Saturday eight days ago did the pace of planes and people slacken.It traps the warmth of the odd sunny spell, and wards off the critical few degrees of cold.The weather will remain dry with sunny spells.I fell in love with Rory, one remembered sunny spring, when I was sixteen and he was twenty-two.it’s sunnyEvery time it's sunny I enjoy driving.
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