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sunrisesun‧rise /ˈsʌnraɪz/ ●●○ noun  1 TMC[uncountable] the time when the sun first appears in the morningdaybreakat sunrise A farmer’s day begins at sunrise.2 DN[countable, uncountable] the coloured part of the sky where the sun is appearing in the morning a picture of sunrise over Mount Fuji
Examples from the Corpus
sunriseSunrise is at 6:10 tomorrow.At sunrise the entire school community gathers on the Lake Michigan shoreline.a beautiful sunriseWe ended up in Pine Ridge, and it was right before sunrise.In the day they dripped steadily and almost thawed, and then from dusk to the following sunrise they were slowly reformed.But soon after lunar sunrise, it emitted an extremely powerful blast of radio energy.Lovely women are usually asleep at midsummer sunrise.We watched the sunrise at Ayers Rock.We begin with the sunrise industries.The effect would continue through sunrise and up to 2 - 3 hours afterwards.
From Longman Business Dictionarysunrisesun‧rise /ˈsʌnraɪz/ adjective [only before a noun]ECONOMICS sunrise industries, companies etc are new and growing very quickly, working in new TECHNOLOGIES. Sunrise industries are often found in areas where there was little industry in the pastEvensunrise companies specialising in new technology have found it necessary to cut their work-force.It may be possible to subsidizesunrise industries.
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