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sunshadesun‧shade /ˈsʌnʃeɪd/ noun [countable]  DCBan object shaped like an umbrella, used especially in the past as protection from the sun syn parasol
Examples from the Corpus
sunshadeAnd 11-month-old Alex, in a buggy fitted with a sunshade, was happy to play along.The intense blue sunshade strip at the top of the vast front windscreen gave a false impression of the day.Waiters were folding sunshades, removing tables and chairs.Pamela surveyed him from under her sunshade as he rubbed the lotion lovingly into the bad-tempered girl's back.I chose a defensible patch of territory for them and helped the maid with cushions, lemonade bottles and the sunshade.She tipped the sunshade back a few inches and let the dazzling rays toast her face.
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