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suntansun‧tan /ˈsʌntæn/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DCBbrown skin that someone with pale skin gets after they have spent time in the sun syn tan, → sunburnsuntanned adjective
Examples from the Corpus
suntanGreg acquires a suntan whilst doing a spot of corporate yachting.A man whose name is so synonymous with a suntan that it is a running joke in Doonesbury?Facts and Fictions about suntans Fiction: A sun tan is healthy.Surf and suntans, antipodean accents, endless brothers and sisters cropping up out of nowhere are all part of the appeal.One of the first suntan lotions was Bain de Soleil.In time the marks will fade, but a golden suntan will give a short-term disguise.But only about one person in three gets a good suntan from a sunbed alone.
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