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superconductorsu‧per‧con‧duc‧tor /ˌsuːpəkənˈdʌktə $ -pərkənˈdʌktər/ noun [countable]  HPETEEa substance that allows electricity to flow through it very easily, especially at very low temperatures
Examples from the Corpus
superconductorA soldier tried to shove a bayonet into his throat, but the steel buckled against his adam's apple superconductor.Scientists managed to find metals that become superconductors at temperatures as high as minus 415 degrees Fahrenheit.Our results demonstrate that these systems are genuinely 3-D superconductors as opposed to lower-dimensional or granular superconductors.The researchers relied on the ability of the material to repel a magnetic field, a trademark of superconductors.Like most of the organic superconductors already known, the new material loses its resistance only under high pressure.In the 1970s the search for a room temperature superconductor led chemists to look at one-dimensional organic conductors and semiconductors.
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