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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuperhumansu‧per‧hu‧man /ˌsuːpəˈhjuːmən◂ $ -pərˈhjuː-, -ˈjuː-/ adjective  MORE THAN something OR somebody ELSEmuch greater than ordinary human powers or abilitiessuperhuman power/strength/effort etc It will require a superhuman effort to get the job done on time.
Examples from the Corpus
superhumanA fire would always be an easy thing from which a superhuman creature like the monster could escape.They seem to believe that pop-culture celebrities are superhuman creatures.The government asked them, like the peasants, to make superhuman efforts.People linked to each other through this incredible almost superhuman need.Evil is rooted in a superhuman personality: Satan.When you're superhuman, so little seems worth the bother.As it deepens towards black, it assumes overtones of a superhuman sorrow.Stripped of legend and reduced to his proper historical proportions, Richard retains an almost superhuman stature.superhuman power/strength/effort etcDon't ask me how I kept going for so long, but it took a superhuman effort.The government asked them, like the peasants, to make superhuman efforts.Their madness gives them superhuman strength and resilience, and they fight with astounding fury and determination.A three-and-a-half hour run can be superhuman effort for one person and a slow training run for another.By a superhuman effort of will Mark says nothing.
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