Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: superieur, from Latin superior 'further above', from superus 'upper', from super; SUPER-


1 adjective
su‧pe‧ri‧or1 [no comparative]
1 better, more powerful, more effective etc than a similar person or thing, especially one that you are competing against [≠ inferior]:
Fletcher's superior technique brought him victory.
superior to
Your computer is far superior to mine.
He loves making fun of women. It makes him feel superior.
a vastly superior (=very much better, stronger etc) army
2 thinking that you are better than other people - used to show disapproval:
She had that superior tone of voice.
3 [only before noun] having a higher position or rank than someone else [≠ inferior]:
Don't you usually salute a superior officer?
4 [only before noun] of very good quality - used especially in advertising:
a superior wine
Mother SuperiorWORD FOCUS: good WORD FOCUS: good
very good: excellent, fantastic, wonderful, great, terrific, neat American English, superb, amazing, outstanding, brilliant, impressive, fine, first-class, out of this world

of good quality: high quality, top quality, superior, deluxe, classy

morally good: decent, virtuous, respectable, honourable British English/honorable American English, upright, beyond reproach

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