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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuperioritysu‧per‧i‧or‧i‧ty /suːˌpɪəriˈɒrəti $ sʊˌpɪriˈɔː-, -ˈɑː-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 BETTERthe quality of being better, more skilful, more powerful etc than other people or things opp inferioritysuperiority of the supposed superiority of the male sexsuperiority over the intellectual superiority of humans over other animalssuperiority in US superiority in air power2 PROUDan attitude that shows you think you are better than other people – used to show disapproval Janet always spoke with an air of superiority. his sense of superiority
Examples from the Corpus
superiorityThe symbols had a tinge of feminine superiority, an aura of vast power that was taken for granted.In other words, Schott gives smart folks the air of superiority they paid all that college tuition to obtain.Machismo is an exaggerated cult of virility which expresses itself in male assertions of superiority over females, and competition between men.The feeling of inferiority is defensively turned into a feeling of superiority.Thirdly in the eyes of the regime, victory demonstrates the superiority of Marxist ethics over the bourgeois variety.It dramatized the superiority of ironclad warships over wooden ones.The superiority of the Macintosh system would win converts.superiority ofI'm tired of hearing about the superiority of their product.sense of superiorityFrom this stage I proceeded to a more general sense of superiority, which can only be described as moral.She was diffident, which gave him confidence and fed his sense of superiority.His sense of superiority convinces him that Elizabeth will accept his proposal.Needless to say, this discrepancy served to boost my sense of superiority.I didn't believe her: my sense of superiority had extended itself to include a conviction of my own immortality.I found something of this same sense of superiority among faculty members in the School of Engineering.Robert's father gave off that sense of superiority and princely dominion.The sense of superiority I gained was essentially related to control and, eventually, to the triumph of the will.
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