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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupermansu‧per‧man /ˈsuːpəmæn $ -pər-/ noun (plural supermen /-men/) [countable]  UNUSUALa man of unusually great ability or strength
Examples from the Corpus
supermanIn the real world it did not require a superman to beat Mr Kinnock.The rest are more like the pagan gods - supermen and super women.I wanted him to know that there could be a darker side, then he went into superman mode.Do you want to make it possible to rear a race of supermen?It is not for the superstar, nor for the superman.We live, you and I, Herr Diamond, in the higher realms of the superman.The superman testing himself with an ax, crushing the skulls of old women.
SupermanSuperman trademark  a character in US comics, films, and television programmes. He came to Earth as a baby from an imaginary planet called Krypton, and he has great strength and special powers, including the ability to fly and to see through solid objects. He uses his powers to save the world from being destroyed by evil characters. Most of the time he lives a normal life as Clark Kent, a reporter for the newspaper The Daily Planet, and no-one knows that he is Superman, not even his girlfriend, Lois Lane. When his help is needed, he quickly changes from his ordinary clothes into a special uniform and becomes Superman.
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