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supersonicsu‧per‧son‧ic /ˌsuːpəˈsɒnɪk◂ $ -pərˈsɑː-/ adjective  TTfaster than the speed of sound supersonic aircraft
Examples from the Corpus
supersonicThe quantity of food collected from the help-yourself buffet was enormous and the speed with which it was consumed was almost supersonic.One thing's certain: Life flies supersonic.Catastrophic engine failure brought to an end supersonic airliner Concorde's enviable safety record on Tuesday.Without the suit, supersonic flight was an impossibility, high-speed evasive action out of the question.A fleet of Concordes, lined up next to the supersonic jet, were driven away by journalists.a supersonic jetBut there is a price we pay for supersonic journalism: the historic function of journalism is either forgotten or distorted.Last year Boeing withdrew from a research project for a new supersonic plane because of the daunting cost.Concorde is capable of travelling at supersonic speeds.But against this, the engines are subjected to higher stresses at supersonic speeds.Thanks to supersonic travel, busy executives can attend meetings in New York and be back in London the same day.
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