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superstructuresu‧per‧struc‧ture /ˈsuːpəˌstrʌktʃə $ -pərˌstrʌktʃər/ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 TBa structure that is built on top of the main part of something such as a ship or building2 formalSYSTEM a political or social system that has developed from a simpler system the whole superstructure of capitalism
Examples from the Corpus
superstructurethe colonial superstructure of the countryThe orange conning tower sits abandoned on the dock amid odds and ends of superstructure.Major changes occur in the mode of production, superstructure and their relationship to nature.They checked every door and cupboard in the superstructure.Unlike the passageways in the superstructure the area they were moving down was more unnerving, especially in the reduced visibility.These aspects of the superstructure reflect the economic base.The superstructure derives largely from the infrastructure and therefore reproduces the social relationships of production.
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