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supertankersu‧per‧tank‧er /ˈsuːpəˌtæŋkə $ -pərˌtæŋkər/ noun [countable]  TTWan extremely large ship that can carry large quantities of oil or other liquids
Examples from the Corpus
supertankerAnd all because this cool band sells a supertanker load of records!From the photograph, what problems are there now for building really large ships, such as supertankers?Some oil rigs, as well as supertankers and naval ships, are constructed and much ship-repair work is done.Such corporate supertankers rarely possess the nimbleness said to be needed for the Internet age.About how much larger are the modern supertankers compared with the tankers of 20 years ago?It says Exxon recklessly contributed to the accident by knowingly placing an alcoholic in command of the supertanker.
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