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supply and demand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupply and demandsupˌply and deˈmand noun [uncountable]  the relationship between the quantity of goods for sale and the quantity of goods that people want to buy, especially the way it influences prices the law of supply and demand
Examples from the Corpus
supply and demandAs a matter of fact, a single event might simultaneously affect both supply and demand.The direction of the change in quantity depends upon the relative sizes of the changes in supply and demand.A graphic analysis of supply and demand should yield the same conclusions.Real Dangers It's the market place economy, a case of supply and demand.Essentially it is a matter of identifying the sources of supply and demand.As noted elsewhere, it is the relevant supply and demand elasticities that matter.Instead, they argue that gold is behaving more like a traditional commodity, responding to supply and demand forces.law of supply and demandHe is unfamiliar with national levels of price-fixing and laws of supply and demand.During the fifteenth century, the laws of supply and demand worked in favour of the peasantry.He is a very pure kind of capitalist who believes fanatically in the laws of supply and demand.Retail prices are therefore very susceptible to the law of supply and demand.
From Longman Business Dictionarysupply and demandsupˌply and deˈmand noun [uncountable] ECONOMICS the relationship between the amount of products and services that are for sale and the amount that people want to buy, especially in the way this affects pricesthe widening gap between supply and demandThelaws of supply and demand clearly contribute to higher prices. compare demand and supply
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