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supply ship/convoy/route etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupply ship/convoy/route etcsupply ship/convoy/route etcTTKEEP/STOREa ship etc used for bringing or storing supplies supply
Examples from the Corpus
supply ship/convoy/route etcThis time Dennis claimed hits on a destroyer while Osborne inflicted damage on a supply ship.An Axis supply convoy was now spotted by a Maryland, and on 7 May an attack was laid on.At other times, they waged an incessant guerrilla war, attacking isolated Roman garrisons, ambushing caravans, cutting supply routes.From the summit there is a view of the Roman supply route, Dere Street.Mr Mobutu had cut the supply route after a dispute with Mr Savimbi.None of the supply routes go close to the point where Sunderby's aircraft ditched.The bases and the well-traveled supply routes that kept them run-ning were as obvious as Nui Ba Den.
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