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supply-side economics

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupply-side economicssupˌply-side ecoˈnomics noun [uncountable] technical  the idea that if the government reduces taxes, people will be able to make more goods and this will improve a country’s economic situation
Examples from the Corpus
supply-side economicsThat's when - you know, you've heard about supply-side economics.He knew what Greenpeace was, and the geodesic dome, and sado-masochism, and even supply-side economics.But the disdain of these accomplished economists for supply-side economics can easily be deduced from their writings and congressional testimony.And they all hold supply-side economics in contempt.Kemp was a leading advocate of supply-side economics when the theory got its first trial in the income tax cuts of 1981.He rebukes Steve Forbes' brand of supply-side economics.The recipe of supply-side economics can be illustrated by reference to Fig. 10-6.These economists all knew that supply-side economics is trash for one simple reason.
From Longman Business Dictionarysupply-side economicsˈsupply-side ecoˌnomics [uncountable]ECONOMICS a theory stating that governments should cut taxes in order to encourage investment, rather than making more money available in the economy economics
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