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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupportivesup‧por‧tive /səˈpɔːtɪv $ -ɔːr-/ ●○○ adjective  HELPgiving help or encouragement, especially to someone who is in a difficult situation – used to show approval My family were very supportive throughout the divorce.
Examples from the Corpus
supportiveThey were very supportive and enthusiastic.The researchers concluded that the supportive atmosphere of the extended family had been sufficient to counterbalance the effects of the questionable diets.The institutions and banks had been immensely supportive in helping save the company.Incidently, we often hear from clients that their good friends are supportive of their efforts.It relies on foster homes to provide rescued pets a supportive place to recover until good owners can be found.I can always count on Gail to be supportive when things go wrong.Peter was a very successful academic with an enormous salary, a lovely family and supportive wife.
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