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suppose/supposing (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuppose/supposing (that)suppose/supposing (that)IMAGINEused when talking about a possible condition or situation, and then imagining the result Look, suppose you lost your job tomorrow, what would you do? Supposing it really is a fire! suppose
Examples from the Corpus
suppose/supposing (that)Well, we all are, I suppose.It seems reasonable to suppose that they should be, if the contentious area of imaginative literature is ruled out.Other economic news from the federal government that was supposed to be released has been postponed.Whom are we supposed to forgive?Orientals are supposed to had a monopoly in the hands-modelling business, she says.So I was supposed to meet this bike trainer this afternoon in Brooklyn, right?It is supposed to save money and impose some market discipline on bureaucracy's natural tendency to swell.I am supposed to say no.
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