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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupremelysu‧preme‧ly /sʊˈpriːmli, sjuː- $ sʊ-, suː-/ ●○○ adverb [+adj/adverb]  MOSTextremely or to the greatest possible degree a supremely talented player
Examples from the Corpus
supremelyAt work, Diane was a supremely confident executive.He was supremely confident that he could span the river.How did they come to take the supremely efficient forms did take?These laws, far from being wasteful and random, are supremely elegant and efficient.Rich, fireside colours add warmth to the room and, of course, they are supremely practical.He was one of the most supremely stupid men I have ever met.They believed their perspective to be supremely superior because it was far more modern.He's young, supremely talented and an integral part of a successful, high profile side.
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