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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupremosu‧prem‧o /sʊˈpriːməʊ, sjuː- $ sʊˈpriːmoʊ, suː-/ noun (plural supremos) [countable]  British English informalIN CHARGE OF someone who controls a particular activity, organization, or industry, and has unlimited powers
Examples from the Corpus
supremoEver keen to see fair play, we are happy to oblige the handsomely-coiffed Cumbrian arts supremo.And economic policy now has clearer direction since Mihaly Kupa was appointed finance minister and made economics supremo.But meanwhile, her new role as fashion supremo is something she can really get her teeth into.Horse race supremo John Parrett died instantly after falling from his horse.The technical supremo is Caroline Fawcett-Inne whose previous experience was organising a cocktail party in a punt one May Week.Then there was yet another dispute between the band and Rough Trade supremo, Geoff Travis.
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