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sure as hell

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsure as hellsure as hellspoken not polite used to emphasize that something is trueI don’t scare easily, but I was sure as hell scared. hell
Examples from the Corpus
sure as hellI as sure as hell don't want it.I don't think I scare easily, but I sure as hell scared myself that weekend.Alan, if I could get you out of there, I sure as hell would.Goddamn that tune, it sure as hell sounds familiar!Not even that low humming sound which I knew sure as hell wasn't the thermostat on the fridge.And they sure as hell don't understand any of us.They sure as hell don't need your paper and even less journalists like Steven Wells with his repetitive, egotistical comments!But it will sure as hell make him think twice before risking it.
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