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sure enough

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsure enoughsure enoughHAPPENused to say that something did actually happen in the way that you said it would Sure enough, Mike managed to get lost. sure
Examples from the Corpus
sure enoughThis also predates the advent of the 486 and, sure enough, it gets the identity wrong too.Well, sure enough, it turns out that Terra Nova is really only pseudo-new.Sure enough, Mike managed to get lost.And sure enough, the signatures did look personalized.And sure enough, there it was once more, evidence of how smart they were.And sure enough, there was Thomas in the reading corner, soundlessly turning blue and clutching at his throat.There, sure enough, was a neatly shod foot, and a hand just visible close to it.When X-rays were taken there sure enough was a needle.But, sure enough, when Swansea's money ran out, so did the players.
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