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sure of yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsure of yourselfsure of yourselfCONFIDENTconfident in your own abilities and opinions, sometimes in a way that annoys other people Kids nowadays seem very sure of themselves. sure
Examples from the Corpus
sure of yourselfGo ahead and try, if you're so sure of yourself.We no longer are so sure of ourselves or of our past.Jenny was younger than her sister but seemed much more sure of herself.Gentiles resented the trekkers, but the Saints grew ever more sure of themselves.He's all mixed up and dead sure of himself.He was just too beautiful, too confident, too sure of himself.Nephthys was younger than her brother, but seemed older, and more sure of herself.Robert the next day seemed urbane, sure of himself, even, she thought, pleased with himself.She is utterly fearless and sure of herself, small in stature but large in moxie.He sounded so sure of himself that I didn't bother to argue.The children were hardly children, so capable and sure of themselves were they.
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