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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurelysure‧ly /ˈʃɔːli $ ˈʃʊrli/ ●●● S1 W2 adverb  1 [sentence adverb]MUST used to show that you think something must be true, especially when people seem to be disagreeing with you You must have heard about the riots, surely? There must surely be some explanation. Surely we can’t just stand back and let this happen?2 surely not3 formalCERTAINLY/DEFINITELY certainly Such sinners will surely be punished.4 American English old-fashionedYES used to say ‘yes’ to someone or to express agreement with them slowly but surely at slowly(2)
Examples from the Corpus
surelyYour car must be worth more than $500, surely!Surely Beverly would be willing to help.We must have overlooked it somehow, as it surely couldn't have been missed out altogether?This would surely encourage golfers to repair their own pitch marks and those left by others.Laertes would surely have killed him.Surely he must have realized that the money was stolen.If a sign were needed that the Internet has become a real market, the arrival of tax avoidance is surely it.But surely Mr. Middlemass could do something.Throwing money at the problem is surely not the way to convince people of sincerity.In historical perspective, we know that Chairman Khrushchev was surely right.I thought surely you knew!
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