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surely not

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurely notsurely notspokenBELIEVE# used to show you cannot believe that something is true ‘The chairman’s just handed in his resignation.’ ‘Surely not.’ surely
Examples from the Corpus
surely notNo, no, surely not.Not about the sight of me acting, thought Arthur; surely not.Such young skin, surely not ...?The postmodernists rejected this viewpoint, however, as excessive romanticism, but Peto would surely not have cared.And in any case, what Lucy may have done was surely not so dreadful and will be soon forgotten.This is surely not so much a knock-out punch, more of a gentle slap on the wrist.Throwing money at the problem is surely not the way to convince people of sincerity.I said surely not, they were only two.
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