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suretysur‧e‧ty /ˈʃɔːrəti $ ˈʃʊr-/ noun (plural sureties) [countable, uncountable] law  1 SCLBFLsomeone who will pay a debt, appear in court etc if someone else fails to do so2 stand surety (for somebody)3 SCLSCTmoney someone gives to make sure that someone will appear in court
Examples from the Corpus
suretyThey also ordered £25,000 surety to be seized.He was due to be released on conditional bail last night once a surety had been produced.The creditor had no knowledge of what had passed between debtor and sureties.Before modern institutions for extending credit were available, insignia and jewels were well adapted to serve as sureties for loans.I had no money, I had no surety.Primafacie, a creditor does not owe a duty to a proposed surety to explain the security documents.
From Longman Business Dictionarysuretysur‧e‧ty /ˈʃɔːrətiˈʃʊr-/ noun [countable, uncountable]LAW1a person who promises to appear in court, pay a debt etc if someone else fails to do soThe use of individual sureties grew sharply as contractors found it increasingly difficult to get insurance.He had acted as surety for both companies when they borrowed to finance the projects.2an amount of money or other things of value someone gives to make sure someone else will appear in court, pay a debt etcHe was allowed out of custody with sureties totalling £12,000.a third party entering into acontract of surety
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