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surfboardsurf‧board /ˈsɜːfbɔːd $ ˈsɜːrfbɔːrd/ noun [countable]  surfboard.jpg DLODSOa long piece of plastic, wood etc that you stand on when you go surfing
Examples from the Corpus
surfboardThe second ad in the series actually equips our shepherd with a surfboard.And, covered in chicken waste, there are the canoes, boats and surfboards that he once built for a living.You breathe a burning surfboard and you die.Power surfers are towed behind a jet-ski into massive oceanic swells that move too fast to catch by paddling conventional surfboards.At the age of fifteen Ken ran away to California from his Texas home when his parents locked up his surfboard.The answer is not to charge more but to not make surfboards in Iowa.Tom breaks his Beach Boys album in half and stares at his room full of surfboards.
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