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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurrealsur‧real /səˈrɪəl/ adjective  STRANGEa situation or experience that is surreal is very strange and difficult to understand, like something from a dream The house was a surreal mixture of opulence and decay.see thesaurus at strange
Examples from the Corpus
surrealThe woozy aftermath of surgery can feel equally surreal.The whole trial and the media circus surrounding it was surreal.But the images in these books are surreal.At Tegallalang the road passes through a surreal commercial landscape.It was a surreal end to a surreal week.Living on the commune turned out to be a surreal experience.A really big wave is a surreal kind of experience.To his right was a children's playground, a surreal landscape of climbing frames and unmoving swings.The party was a surreal mix of punk rockers and men in business suits.It was extraordinary, this scene, to Jessica - a surreal mixture of opulence and decay.Statues of angels, madonnas, saints and saviours cram the skyline, creating a surreal panoply of agony and ecstasy.
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