Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: surrendre, from sur- ( SURCHARGE) + rendre 'to give back, yield'


1 verb
Related topics: Military
1 [intransitive and transitive]PM to say officially that you want to stop fighting or to stop avoiding the police, government etc because you realize that you cannot win:
The terrorists were given ten minutes to surrender.
surrender to somebody
Thousands of illegal immigrants in Japan have surrendered to police.
surrender yourself (to somebody)
He immediately surrendered himself to the authorities.
2 [transitive]PM to give your soldiers, land or weapons to an enemy after you have been defeated:
They were given two hours to surrender their weapons.
3 [transitive] to give up something or someone because you are forced to:
Cath was most reluctant to surrender her independence.
Marchers who had cameras were forced to surrender their film.

surrender to something

to allow yourself to be controlled or influenced by something:
Colette surrendered to temptation and took out a cigarette.
5 [transitive] formalPGO to give something such as a ticket or a passport to an official
surrender something to somebody
Steir voluntarily surrendered his license to the State.

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