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surround yourself with somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurround yourself with somebody/somethingsurround yourself with somebody/somethingAROUND/ROUNDto choose to have certain people or things near you all the time The designer surrounded himself with exquisite objects. surround
Examples from the Corpus
surround yourself with somebody/somethingIn many species the basic unit is the harem, with one dominant male surrounding himself with a number of breeding females.It has surrounded itself with a region from which nothing - absolutely nothing - can escape.The president managed, as always, to surround himself with beautiful women at dinner.Territorials surround themselves with briefcases, calendars, and large bushy plants.Surrounding himself with capable men, Romero worked hard to achieve his goals.Along the way, Gosman has surrounded himself with former Mediplex executives at PhyMatrix.Special treat: surrounding themselves with plastic ship models and watching Tora!Dole surrounded himself with young people, a major contrast to his usual entourage of dark-suited politicians.
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